Trianon - White Flowers Classic Candle

Article number: CIRET - TRI/07/TRU
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Conjuring the heady floral scent of Marie Antoinette’s private hide-away garden in the grounds of the palace of Versailles, Trianon epitomises femininity and elegance with notes of Hyacinth, fresh white flowers, Rose and a hint of musk. The scent of late spring, this calming yet uplifting candle is the perfect way to banish the wintry gloom and usher a little bit of sunshine into even the darkest day (or stuffiest study). Completely paraffin-free and made using only the finest natural oils and waxes, these candles burn cleanly and evenly for up to 70 hours, and make a stunning addition to any bedside table, desk or mantelpiece – housed in hand-blown Italian candle-glass with their signature gold label stating the motto of the ‘Maison Trudon’; ‘Deo regique laborant’ meaning ‘They work for God and King’ (‘they’ being bees).

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