Thomas Proctor - Classic Houses

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This book presents several of celebrated architect Thomas Proctor’s California houses, tracing their history, inspiration, and detailed design.

This book opens the doors to the Los Angeles homes of architect Thomas Proctor. Admired for his knowledge of classical architecture, Proctor has long been respected for his devotion to creating houses that are at once artful and poetic, imaginatively conceived, and beautifully designed and detailed. Through his work, he seeks inspiration from the past, designing houses that are rooted in both the larger classical tradition and the specific, particular architectural traditions of California.
The introduction presents Proctor’s personal architectural history and his philosophy of design alongside images that present the sources of his inspiration. This is followed by a chapter showing architectural vignettes, details, and ornaments that illustrate Proctor’s understanding of classicism and how it inspires his creation of architecture that is both ancient and new.

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